leather upholstery

How to take care for a leather car upholstery?

The driver’s seat requires the most care since due to the constant getting in and out of the car is the most endangered to mechanical damages (abrasions). That’s why it is worth paying a special attention to it.

Stores offer a wide variety of cleaning and impregnating products for the leather upholstery. Using those products regularly will help keeping the upholstery in a good condition and extend its lifespan.

How to clean leather upholstery?

We start as usually with vacuuming it. Afterwards, with e. g. wetted toothbrush with grey soap we start cleaning the leather. Why the grey soap? It’s because it has a neutral pH and it doesn’t drain the leather. With this we will get rid of the grease.

The next step is to restore its gloss. We should use, e. g. , a skin care lotion. The product should be rubbed in stages, minding not to miss any part of the upholstery. After finishing the treatment, we let the leather car upholstery dry. Depending on the product used and the amount we applied to the leather, we wait 20-60 minutes.

Vacuuming the upholstery

Vacuuming is a Traditional method that should be used for any type of a car upholstery. We can use a home vacuum cleaner.

However, if we don’t have a vacuum cleaner, we can use e. g. vacuum cleaners available at many gas stations. A diligent approach to vacuuming is extremely important, because the more thoroughly we vacuum the upholstery, the more grains of sands, crumbs and other small elements that may be sharp or have Scratching properties we will be able to remove.
It is not recommended to rub the nozzle firmly on the leather, as this may lead to abrasions. After some time, they may deepen, and eventually a form a hole in the upholstery. Surelly we would prefer to avoid this.

After a thorough vacuuming, it’s recommended to Pre-clean seats with clean water. Just wipe the leather surfaces in the car with a moistened cloth, having in mind that Too much water is harmful to such materials as leather. For this reason, the cloth should be well wringed.

Glycerin soap for leather upholstery

One of the products worth trying (with some caution) on every leather upholstery is a Glycerin soap. This soap is commonly used to clean and care for saddles that aren’t any less dirty and worn, than the seats in our cars.
Cleaning the upholstery with the Glycerin soap is extremely simple, all you need is a warm water, a not too rough sponge and the soap itself.

leather upholstery

The upholstery should be primarily wiped with just water, then you should apply a small amount of soap and clean thoroughly.
Glycerin soap perfectly removes most of the dirt and stains, both from dark and light leather. It works great even with traces of jeans.

Moreover, this soap nourishes and moisturizes the leather leaving a thin protective layer on its surface. Finally, the price is really attractive. However, it is not a product designed for a car upholstery, therefore before using it you should check the effect of the Glycerin soap on a less visible part of the seat to make sure it’s safe.

How often should the leather upholstery be cleaned?

We should take care of our upholstery at least once every three months. In theory, it seems often, but on the other hand, if we care about the great appearance of the car, It’s worth the effort.

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