high pressure washers

What are high-pressure washers and what are they for?

A high-Pressure washer will come in handy in many different situations that all house owners are perfectly familiar with. Having a high-Pressure washer allows for effective cleaning of most surfaces around the house. Find out what Pressure washers are for around a single-family house and how a high-Pressure washer works.

How does a washer work?

We plug the washer with a regular garden hose to the Water supply. The device’s body contains a pump that generates adequate Water Pressure. Pressurized Water is transported to the spraying gun through a special high-Pressure hose.

We can plug different nozzles to the gun depending on what we want to do. Among available options are simple Spraying lances, nozzles with regular or spinning brushes, or with sponges.
Most devices, when combined with an additional filter and a suction hose, can also collect Water from bodies of Water, such as ponds, lakes, barrels or buckets.

Which means we can even use rainWater for washing, for example. We should avoid polluted Water, though – or else we might get the filter clogged or, in the worst case scenario, damage the pump. We also have to keep in mind that sucking Water out of smaller bodies of Water is very fast. It means we have to often interrupt the work so that we can refill the body.

high pressure washers

Common mistakes when using a high-Pressure washer

Among the most common mistakes made by users when working with a high-Pressure washer are such mistakes as:

  • not dropping the Pressure after being done. It leaves the device still pressurized, which causes it to wear faster,
  • using inadequate cleaning products, which might cause damage,
  • using a Water pumping hose that is too short. It might also cause faster wear or damages, as the Pressure has no room to spread out when the gun is closed. The hose should be at least 7.5 meter long,
  • not using a filter. Sand particles or other materials might get with the Water under the washer pump head, then to the valves. Not using a filter might cause the internal elements to wear down prematurely.

Types of high-Pressure washers

Before we go to the store to buy a Pressure washer, we need to think about what type of device we’re going to need. Most of the time it mainly depends on what we are planning to clean, how often and how much time we wish to spend on it. There are two types of devices available on the market: for household and professional uses.

The former generate lower Pressure and are intended for occasional chores around the household. They may be used for cleaning machines, vehicles, buildings, tools, for cleaning house exteriors, facades, patios, driveways, pathways etc. Devices of this type are not suitable for everyday use, as it will cause them to wear faster.

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