How To Choose A Good Cordless Power Drill

Things you should consider before buying the right cordless power drill

Owning or living in a property requiress some level of upkeep and maintenance. When you realize the costs of repairs, you’ll probably attempt a few small odd jobs yourself. And you can’t get your jobs done without the right power tools.

The most basic one you’ll need is a good quality cordless power drill. With such a great variety of tools in stores how to choose a good cordless power drill? Here are a few things you should consider before buying the right cordless power drill for you.

Even a basic drill will perform several useful jobs around the house. A cordless power drill can be used for drilling holes in a variety of materials, such as plastic, metal, wood or masonry. It is also used as an electric screwdriver. The first and most important advantage of a cordless power drill is its versatility.

You can use it in awkward places, up ladders or on roofs. What’s more, it is often well-balanced and easy to use with one hand, especially when you drive screws. That’s why it’s best to take your time before you buy the tool and learn what you need to pay attention to when you choose a good cordless power drill.

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The right type

When you choose a cordless power drill you need to know what type of tasks you’ll tackle using the drill. For bigger projects it’s best to choose a heavy-duty tool. For smaller tasks like assembling furniture or installing fixtures, opt for general-use of light-duty drills.

First of all, choose the right size of the chuck (a specialized type of clamp that holds the rotating tool).
The largest size of chuck in cordless models of drills is 1/2-inch (heavy-duty drills).
3/8-inch and smaller chucks are typical of general-use or light-duty drills.
Heavy-duty drills usually have 8- to 24–volt batteries that give them enough power to drive larger fasteners, bore holes through thick boards or drill into concrete blocks. Therefore, these drills are often the most pricey and heaviest. Remember to heft the drill with the battery clipped in place to see how it handles.
The most universal cordless power drills are the ⅜-inch chuck models. They typically have a 12-volt battery. They can bore holes in wood with and drive a number full of screws on a single charge.
Light-duty drills are for small jobs around the house, such as assembling flat-packed furniture or drilling into drywalls. They usually have batteries ranging from 12 volts to 20 volts. However, the limitation is in small motors that don’t spin or drive with the same force as other drills.

The battery

Cordless Power Drill Majority of cordless drills run on lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries which provide more power and longer run times.
Before you choose the right drill for you, remember that batteries have a direct impact on performance.

Choose a drill with the the newest generation of batteries and chargers that prevent overcharging; there is no need to use them fully between charges to ensure the longest battery life. Also, new types of chargers include an indicator light. It displays how close the battery is to a full charge. Sometimes the indicator lights are included on the batteries themselves.

There are two important specs when it comes to Li-ion batteries. Voltage correlates to power. An 18-volt drill is more powerful than a 12-volt drill from the same brand.
But a 14.4-volt tool from one brand may actually be less powerful than a 12-volt tool from another brand. Amp hours show how much juice the battery has i.e. run time. A 4.0-amp-hour battery should run twice as long as a 2.0-amp-hour battery but it’s also twice as heavy.

The charging time for some batteries is just 25 minutes so you may want to have two smaller batteries.

Remember this simple rule of using cordless power drills. If you keep one battery charging while you’re working, you can always swap in a fresh one and get your job done without any extra breaks.


Before you buy a cordless power drill, clip in the battery and hold it up to see how it handles. Make sure you can lift it for a longer time while doing longer jobs. Just try it out in the store in the following way: lift it above your head for some time and you’ll realize immediately if the weight is appropriate.

Some of the most popular models have a pistol grip with the battery in the handle, which makes them comfortable to grasp. However, they don’t stand upright on their own because there’s no flat battery at the base of the handle.

Brushless Motor

The greatest advantage of brushless motors in power drills is that they reduce friction and sense resistance from the material.
It means that they adjust the amount of power they draw from the battery.

Producers claim that because of this technology you can get longer run times, more power, and a longer tool life. Opt for a model that features a brushless motor if you need to buy a drill for bigger projects.

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