Car equipment

The basic car tools

A car, being a mechanical device, can always malfunction, even at the least expected moment. It is worth noting that the costs of towing a broken car from the road to the repair shop aren’t low. Plenty of malfunctions can be fixed by ourselves with use of the right tools. What equipment should we keep in the car? Which tools might come in handy in the event of a malfunction?

Car equipment

The owners of new cars believe that they don’t need Well-equipped tool boxes. Whereas modern cars indeed don’t need repairs or inspections except for those specified in the car’s manual, the truth is that anything can happen on the road.

Every car’s trunk needs to contain a set of light bulbs and fuses precisely matching the car’s make. On top of that, it should also contain wrenches in the most basic sizes, screwdrivers with flat and Phillips heads, flat pliers, a small piece of wire and a roll of electrical insulation. Such set will come in handy when fixing the lights, it will also help remove minor defects that in plenty of cases make it impossible for the driver to continue driving.

The essential car tools

The best solution for wheel bolts getting stuck is a lug wrench, which will allow to apply significant force with both hands in order to overcome the resistance of the stuck bolt. It’s a good idea to carry around Screwdrivers of different sizes: like two different standard (flat) ones and two of different sizes. In many cases it might be necessary to hit the head of a stubborn bolt. This is where a hammer will be necessary, but if we don’t have one in our tool box, we may as well use a screwdriver, the metal shaft of which goes all the way to the end of the handle – which means it won’t break upon bigger impact. The best way to unscrew bolts with damaged heads is with spring-clamp pliers.

If we choose to buy All types of wrenches: flat, socket, ring etc., we should always pay attention to their quality. Sadly, tools made of poor-quality materials cause damages around bolts. On top of that, a faulty wrench is an easy way to hit your fingers. In such case, it doesn’t pay to be stingy.

Car equipment

If our spark plugs often malfunction, we should always have a solid tubular wrench in our trunk. At the same time we should make sure if the tube moves freely inside the engine block groove and holds securely on the plug’s hexagon. If a plug is mounted inside a deep depression, a rubber grip is invaluable, especially if placed inside the wrench, making it possible to pull a plug out and put it back in. For a spark to have the right parameters, it needs to jump in a Precisely measured gap between the plug’s electrodes. A small and easy to transport gap gauge will ensure that the electrodes are set at the level specified by the manufacturer.

It is common for cars to break down right after nightfall, and insufficient lighting makes it impossible to do repairs, even if we have all the adequate tools. In such situations, a portable lamp will come in handy that is powered from the cigarette lighter socket. Other materials useful for repairs are: gloves, rags, sandpaper, knife or old blanket. Processing and preparation of electrical waring in case of Electrical malfunction will require universal pliers and connector plugs. We should also remember about fuses (one for each amperage present in the car).

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