carpentry tools

A set of essential carpentry tools

Woodworking Tools – A set of them should be in the workshop of every do-it-yourself enthusiast. Because it’s not easy to find yourself in the maze of carpentry tools offered on the market, we’ll suggest which one should you choose. Certainly, they will be useful to every amateur carpenter.

Vices, carpenters’ pincers and clamps

A set of vices as a carpentry tools will be useful for work. They will help to stabilize wooden elements during cutting, drilling, and grinding. They will also keep hold of two glued pieces together for the time of adhesive bonding. An advanced do-it-yourselfer should have a special benchtop with vices.


It seems to be a very simply built tool and if you insist, anything can be a hammer. Only work efficiency will be different. It’s Best to have a number of hammers at your disposal, but the must-have tool should be a carpenter’s hammer with a head that allows you to pull out nails. The hammer must be easy to use, i. e. it should be well profiled, it should lie well in the hand, and its weight should be adjusted to your capabilities.

Tape measures

It’s always better to measure twice and cut once than vice versa. All the more so, often measurement errors cause damage to the element. No workshop can do without tape measures and it’s good to have a few of them, but the must-have is a three-meter tape measure with clear scale and a good locking mechanism. The winding spring should also be solid, and the one at the end should be solidly mounted. The most convenient tape measures have scales on both sides.

Wood saw

This is one of the most important tools in the workshop. There are several types available, including: crosscut saws, hole saws, back saws, and Japanese and bow saws. It is necessary to check their teeth prior to buying because a lot depends on how they are arranged and finished. Small, densely spaced teeth provide a more even and accurate cut than large teeth with larger intervals. However, large teeth make sawing go much faster, although less accurately. The shape of the teeth determines whether the saw is suitable for cutting transversely to wood fibers (sawing) or longitudinally (sawing alongside the fibers). Saws with hardened teeth are Best for wood.

carpentry tools

Wood chisel

This is not just a tool for the Sculptors. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts and carpenters also use it to groove channels, irregularly shaped holes, and make carpentry joints. The blade – the metal, working part of the chisel – may have a trapezoidal, rectangular or arched section. Its width is from 4 to 40 mm.


A screwdriver can be manual or powered. Screwdrivers are Extremely universal tools, but for now, you should only know that with them you can screw and unscrew various bolts and screws.

Universal engineer’s square

A smaller version of the carpentry square, which usually has a small level. Additionally, the angles can be adjusted, which significantly increases its usability.

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